Freediving level 1

Your first step to discovering why freediving is turning into such a popular method of exploring under the waves. If you have always wanted to explore the underwater world quietly, freely and stay there for as long as your breath allows you then this freediving course is the perfect way to get started. There is no need for previous freediving experience for freediving lessons. The PADI Freediver program is the first complete
training a young free diver, with a substantial wealth of knowledge
and of abilities. The theoretical piece covers all the necessary knowledge
technology, normality, equipment, safety and rescue measures. Τhe
practical part includes swimming training techniques, such as warming, breathing, techniques, relaxation, static and dynamic apnea, rescue of a hypoxic diver. At the
sea free dives reaches a 15 meters depth. Graduates are taught diving with stable weights and diving from the rope (constant weights and free immersion).
The PADI Freediver program is suitable for everyone,
diver with little or no experience. It’s the program
which acquires all the necessary knowledge to be comfortable and safe
freediver up to 15 meters deep.

  • Equipment is included
  • Does not include PADI fees