Eurodiving Lygaria Heraklion Crete

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Eurodiving Lygaria Heraklion Crete
Eurodiving works in association with the diving organizations : PADI, IANTD and SSI.
We offer courses for all levels! Upgrade your diving level in best conditions.

The Scuba Diver is a 2-3 days program representing half of the first diving level PADI Open Water Diver. You are going to make your first steps in the marvelous world of Scuba Diving. At the end of the course you’ll have completed the first three out of five sections of knowledge development, resulting to limited certification. You can complete in the future the Open Water Diver in any other PADI diving center.
You will learn: How to dive, always under the supervision of a certified Instructor to a maximum depth of 12 meters. To feel comfortable under water by improving your buoyancy skills. To be familiar with your equipment, the underwater fauna and flora and you will learn to deal with common problems that may occur. You will use all the basic scuba diving equipment: fins and mask, buoyancy control jacket, air tank, weight belts, ect.

Oxygen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, the most plentiful element in the Earth’s crust. In this course you will learn how to assemble and effectively use oxygen equipment in diving emergencies. It includes theory and practice in possible real life scenarios. More effective if combined with the Diver First Aid course. By learning the symptoms of diving emergencies such as decompression sickness, lung over expansion injury and near drowning, this course helps students to diagnose the need for oxygen administration. In this 1 day program you learn about the different types of oxygen delivery systems, how to use them and deliver oxygen to a patient and other considerations while you await the Emergency Medical Services.

You like the challenge and to surpass yourself? With the PADI Rescue Course learn how to prevent and manage diving problems if they occur. With this course, you will be more conscious, so more prepare to enjoy your diving experience with the maximum safety. You will learn how to face difficult situations. More specific:
• Self rescue
• Recognition of stressed diver
• Using specialized equipment
• Using pocket mask & decompression balloon
To be an active EFR PADI Rescue Diver you need to be older than 18 years, the Advanced Open Water Diver (Diver First Aid & Oxygen Administrator for IANTD)

The PADI Dive Master course is open to those, who would like to make their first step as professional certified Diver. By completing this course you will have extended your Scuba Diving knowledge to such level that you will be able to supervise and lead divers and assist dive instructors. Crete is an ideal place to complete your Dive Master course due to excellent weather conditions and our highly experienced staff. During this course, Eurodiving’s Instructors will guide you to your first professional steps in Scuba Diving. You will be able to :
• Assist a Scuba Diving Instructor
• Conducting Discover Scuba Diving Courses
• Lead local diving excursion
• Lead specialty Scuba Diver Courses
(e.g. Under Water Photographer and others)